This 2-1/2 Horse Power Gasoline Engine was manufactured
for the Empire Cream Separator Co., Bloomfield, New Jersey
by the Alamo Manufacturing Co., Hillsdale, Michigan.
The serial # is 87868, has a 4-1/8" Bore X 4-5/8" Stroke
Rated H.P. at 500 R.P.M. This engine line was typical of many
in that it wore the name of one company as 'their' engine and
yet was actually built by some other firm. This engine features
a "Webster" oscillating magneto for ignition, open crankcase design
and weighs about 325 lbs (147 kg). The owner is Steve Gray.

An Alamo built Flying Dutchman sold by
The Moline Plow Co. of Moline, Illinois.

This little Alamo built "Duplex-Superior" has been modified
to use a spark plug and buzzcoil for its ignition system.

No. 67873 -- SPEED 600 -- HP. 1

This is a 3 H.P. Flying Dutchman made by Moline Plow Co.
It has a Hit & Miss Governor that holds it to a rated speed
of 400 rpms. It was in very good shape, other than the fuel
pump and Wizard Magneto. Sand blasting, new paint, Rings,
Bearings, Etc., makes it look pretty, and it runs like a top.
The serial number is 41435.................Jerry MacMartin

This nice Alamo built engine has an Empire Cream Separator
brass plate on it. RPM 500, HP 2, Serial # 66666.
It also features a Wizard magneto.

A beautiful 1-1/2hp Alamo engine found in Australia.
Its serial # is C113525 and the speed is 650 RPM.

I have a 2HP H/M Alamo No C112989 this is an enclosed crank. The only referance I have found on this engine is in Alan Kings book gasoline engines 1884-1934 on page 7 bottom right corner. This engine differs in the EK trip. Mine has the Type no 2 drive. EDD PAYNE GULGONG NSW AUSTRALIA.

The tag reads--Lansing Company, Lansing, Mich., HP. is blank,
No. 114840, Speed 600. It has 17" x 1 3/8" flywheels, 3 1/2" bore
and 5" stroke. This little Alamo built engine is a 1-1/2hp and
it was probably built in 1928. The owner is Ron Mattson

Empire Cream Separator Co.
Bloomfield, NJ
HP 1 - RPM 600 - SN 93503

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