This 5hp Alamo built EMPIRE has an "Empire Cream Separator Co. of Canada"
name tag. The RPM is 350, the serial number is 56999 and indicates that
this engine was built around 1919. It also features a Wizard magneto.

I have the 6hp Alamo Blue Line engine which just happens to use all
of the same parts as the Empire 7hp. The serial# is 43549. Seems
kinda strange that the company who built the engine would make their
model 1hp less than the ones they built for someone else! But anyway,
I may be mistaken, but I think those engines were built around 1917
through 1919.. Again, I am not a sure of that! Mine was missing only
1 part - the crank guard. But it even has the cast iron elbow that
slides over the carb and pulls air from under the base. It is REAL
loose fitting and only has 1 set screw to hold it on so I was amazed
to see it there! Oh, and my engine has a Wizard dynamo gear driven
off the crank. You have to use a battery to get it running, then you
switch it over. My engine has a B.F. Avery and Sons tag with the Alamo
logo on it, and it only gives horsepower (6) and serial number (43549).
I have an Empire manual I got from Hit 'N Miss Ent. that has a parts
list showing matching numbers on every part...JASON BARNES

I just went out and wrote down a few casting numbers on my 7 HP Alamo,
SN C115468 Speed 360, built by the Alamo Engine Company. Bore 6 inches,
stroke 9.5 inches. My engine was converted to a Wico EK and spark plug
early on. I have the original half ball type muffler, but it sounds a
lot better with a stack :-)The serial number is stamped on the face of
the head. This is sure interesting to find somebody else with an engine
like mine. I have had this one for nearly 30 years so it is my favorite.
I work it pretty good running my grist mill and cane mill.
Ken Christison

This space is now occupied by my newly accquired
"Empire Cream Separator Co. of Canada Ltd" engine
My EMPIRE engine is now safely home.It's a heavy beast.
From what I can see, it is all there. The only part that I think
might not be original is the huge clutch pulley that came with
this engine. The word "BERNARD's" is cast right onto the clutch
pulley. The nameplate reads: EMPIRE; Empire Cream Separator Co.,
of Canada Ltd., MONTREAL-TORONTO-WINNIPEG HP. 7, R.P.M. 360.
Serial # 92797. The same serial # 92797 is also stamped on a
machined "boss" on the cylinder head. The magneto bracket is #
303K18 and the Webster Tri-Polar Oscillator is a Model "AL" with
3 horseshoe magnets. There is lots of original paint left on this
engine and the color is medium blue, the same shade of blue that
is found on Steve Gray's Empire. The Empire decals are still
visible on both sides of the water hopper.

This other "Empire Cream Separator Co." engine dwells in Ontario
Serial # 28081 - 7HP - 360 RPM
It was built in 1915 and has a Wizard magneto

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