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These two pictures are of a Call of The West engine.

Here are two more pictures from a Call of The West engine

Brass Name Tag for a Call of The West engine.

La Compagnie Desjardins of St-Andr?-de-Kamouraska, Quebec was founded in 1865 by Charles-Alfred Roy dit Desjardins, a ship builder and later a member of Parliament. Desjardins Company was a manufacturer of agricultural implements, then in 1911 added a foundry to begin the production of gasoline engines. This soon lead to the production of the famous "Call of The West" engines. They also built small threshing machines that could be operated by a 4 horsepower stationary gasoline engine.

A. Stanley Jones came from England in 1905 and by 1907 he had settled as a farmer in Saskachewan. Like many other Prairie farmers he was dissatisfied with the prices charged by custom threshers with large steam traction engines and large threshers that required a large crew of men to operate. Jones ordered a small thresher and an engine from Desjardins and mounted both units on a farm wagon, so that it could be portable to move from field to field. It worked very successfully, which was a real asset to the small farmer.
Jones was so pleased with the reception he had from other farmers, so he contacted Desjardins to become their official agent for the Western provinces. Bussiness grew so well that Jones built a wharehouse in North Battleford that included a machine shop and blacksmith shop. This combination thresher and engine mounted on a wagon when sold in the West was renamed "Stanley Jones".

In 1917 Jones manufactured a blower he had designed to attach to the thresher, to eliminate the job of forking away the straw from the rear of the thresher. Stacking chaff was a dirty job. In 1919 he moved his bussiness to Saskatoon to larger quarters, accommodating the increased bussiness. The entire plant was razed in 1924 by fire, thus terminating the Stanley Jones Combination Thresher bussiness.

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