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Jacobson Machine Mfg. Co.
Sturdy Jack 2hp Pumper Engines.

Jacobson's 2hp. Sturdy Jack Pumping engines were built in 4 versions, namely,
air cooled with cog wheel, water hopper cooled with cog wheel, air cooled
with push rod and water hopper cooled with push rod. The air cooled type and
the water hopper type were offered simultaniously but we were not able to tell
for sure if the push rod engines came before the cog wheel pumpers or if it was
the other way around, or if possibly they were offered on choice.

Vintage ads from the "Pennsylvania Farmer" magazine is proof that Jacobson was
offerring their 2hp Sturdy Jack Pumper engines in 1911 and in 1912. For now we
have found no indication that these 2hp pumping engines were offered prior to
1911 or after 1912. This text will be amended if new information is found.

Presently the Jacobson Machine Manufacturing Company registry of engines shows
the lowest serial number on a Sturdy Jack 2hp Pumper engine to be s/n 5024 and
the highest being s/n 5446. This is clear indication that few of this type of
engines built, considering that this narrow range of serial numbers also
included all the other Jacobson built engines, like the Bull's Eye engines.

Below this text you will find four pictures showing a nice sample of each of
these 4 versions of Jacobson's Sturdy Jack 2hp pumping engines. These are
followed by copies of 2 original Jacobson company photos, one of which shows
the air cool cylinder and the water cool cylinder. Last but not least are
ads from the Pennsylvania farmer offering these engines in 1911 and in 1912.

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