Plessisville, Quebec

This is a picture of a 5 horsepower PLESSISVILLE engine.
The serial number 2414 indicates that the engine was built in 1929.

Serial numbers//Year Built for Plessisville engines.

Serial # from 1919 to 1946.

HP Effective in 1919 1.5 4 6 9 12
HP Eff. February 2, 1927  2  5  7  11  14 
Note: Engines in the 1000 # range had the 1919 HP ratings, and effective Feb. 2, 1927 with engine #2000, all engines were re-rated upwards
Of all the engines cast at "La Fonderie de Plessisville", some were to be sold by other companies. For this reason, names such as Forano, Niagara, "La Fonderie de Levis" (St-Georges), "Champion Economique" and J-A. Roy Inc. of Quebec, P.Q. are sometimes found on Plessisville built engines.
La Fonderie de Plessisville started building engines in 1919 and their last engine was made in 1946. At the beginning their line of engines included the 1-1/2, 4, 6, 9 and 12 horsepower. On February 2, 1927, effective with engine serial number 2000, these engines were rated upwards to 2, 5, 7, 11 and 14 horsepower. The RPM was as follows: 2hp @ 650, 5hp @ 475, 7hp @ 450, 11hp @ 355 and 14hp @ 310 RPM.
According to "La Fonderie de Plessisville" well documented production records, their engine #1090 is a 4 horsepower. Well, I happened to see this engine #1090 and it has the "St-Georges" decals on both sides of the water hopper and the brass tag reads: Manufacture par "La Fonderie de Levis", Levis, Quebec. No. 1090, HP.3, RPM. 425. Obviously the seller was allowed to put whatever he wanted on the tag even if the information was incorrect or misleading.
The "La Fonderie de Plessisville" records indicates that they only built 11 engines in 1922 and none in 1923. The reason for this is unknown to me. Perhaps a fire had destroyed their buildings and they had to reconstruct?
All of "La Fonderie de Plessisville" engines are described as gazoline engines, except for 27 of them that are recorded as "throttling engines". Pour tous les moteurs a partir du numero "4000", la cheville est fixee sur la bielle.
La Fonderie de Plessisville built a total of 2237 engines over 28 years. This time frame can be broken down into 3 periods: 
S/N1001 to S/N1919 for 919 engines (1919-1926). 
S/N2000 to S/N3122 for 1123 engines (1927-1942). 
S/N4000 to S/N4194 for 195 engines (1939 to 1946).