STA-RITE Gasoline Engines.

The LACROSSE PLOW Company, LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

Hirshheimer, Albert 1840 - 1924

A manufacturer, born in Wiirtemburg, Germany. He moved with his family to Pennsylvania in 1850, and to Wisconsin in 1856, settling in La Crosse. In 1865 Hirshheimer became co-owner of a La Crosse plow shop and was sole owner in 1881. In 1893 the business was incorporated as the La Crosse Plow Co., with Hirshheimer heading the firm until his death. He had interests in several other businesses including the La Crosse Rubber Mills, the Wind River Lumber Co., and the Batavian National Bank.

Hirshheimer, Harry Julius 1871 - 1952

His son, HARRY JULIUS HIRSHHEIMER, born in La Crosse, graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1891. He was vice-president of the La Crosse Plow Co. (1893-1924), and was president of the firm from 1924 until it was sold to Allis-Chalmers in 1929. He was president of the La Crosse Board of Trade (1897-1898) , was secretary and treasurer of the Sta-Rite Engine Co. (1911-1916) and was a founder of the La Crosse Industrial Association. One of the founders of the La Crosse County Historical Society.

The Racine Malleable & Wrought Iron Company was organized in 1884 in Racine, Wisconsin.

The original plant was located on the north side, but was destroyed by fire in July, 1898.

The new plant is located at Twenty-first and South Clark streets, where the company owns ten acres of ground with buildings covering half that amount, in two story buildings in which they installed modern equipment to facilitate the work. The Racine Malleable & Wrought Iron Company employ two hundred and fifty men, most of whom are skilled workmen, and they manufacture castings, wagon and carriage hardware, harness chains and special castings. Their output is sold to jobbers and goes all over the United States. The business is one of those which has won for Racine its enviable reputation as a manufacturing center and capable management marks the conduct of the business in every department.

Martin O. Senseny, a school teacher and later a bookkeeper and for a time was associated with the Eberhard Company, of Cleveland, Ohio, but in 1906 moved to Racine and purchased an interest in The Racine Malleable & Wrought Iron Company.
Mr. Senseny was president and treasurer of The Racine Malleable & Wrought Iron Company from 1906 to 1916 and the business' development is greatly attributable in substantial measure to his efforts and keen business discernment.

In June, 1915, a cyclone struck the plant and demolished the top story of all four buildings, causing a loss of about thirty-five thousand dollars.

For 1916 the officers were: M. O. Senseny, president and treasurer; W. H. Houssman, of Cleveland, vice president, and Charles Van Ornum, secretary.

The Drew Elevated Carrier Company, Racine, Wisconsin.

The Drew Elavated Carrier Co. is listed as an exhibitor of "litter carrier" at the 1903 Wisconsin State Fair.
A 1906 ad in the Rural New-Yorker shows STA-RITE engines were sold by Drew Elevated Carrier Company.

The Drew Elevated Carrier Factory burned to the ground on Friday, November 19, 1909.
The fire started in the paint and oil room on 3rd floor. Insurance $15,000.

LaCrosse Implement Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Lacrosse Implement Company sold the 1915 "Happy Farmer" tractor and some "Sta-Rite" gasoline engines as early as 1911.

Around 1916 The Happy Farmer Tractor Company and The LaCrosse Implement Company merged and the name was changed to the "LaCrosse Tractor Company".

The Reliance Iron & Engine Company was organized by T.W.Thesen and he was president of that corporation from 1902 until 1907, when he disposed of his interest in the business.

The Racine Daily Journal
October 24, 1903

Another new factory is to be added to the long list in Racine. It will be The Reliance Iron & Engine Company, with a capital stock of $15,000. The incorporators will be J.P. Davies and T.W. Thiesen and the concern will be located in the old Racine Malleable & Wrought Iron Company buildings on the west side of the river. Operations will be commenced at once and gray iron specialties and gasoline engines will be manufactured. At the start from 25 to 30 men will be employed and increased from time to time.

The Reliance Iron & Engine Company was listed as exhibitors of gasoline engines and wood saw at the Wisconsin State Fair held in the summer of 1905.

The Empire Cream Separator Co.

The Empire Cream Separator Co. of Toronto Canada and Bloomfield, New Jersey sold Sta-Rite engines in 1913 and 1914, prior to selling the Alamo engines built in Hillsdale, Michigan.

The Renfrew Machinery Co. Ltd., Renfrew, Ontario.

The Renfrew Machinery Co. Ltd., of Renfrew, Ontario. sold several Sta-Rite gasoline engines, all in 1916.

The STA-RITE Engine Company, LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

The Sta-Rite Engine Company was incorporated in LaCrosse, Wisconsin on January 23, 1911.
It was created to manufacture gasoline engines.

The Sta-Rite Engine Company corporation was dissolved on January 6, 1917.

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